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Don't let them drain the river

The 6 Year Fight is Over! We Saved the River!
Project Dismissed by FERC!
Watch and wait for further developments -- possibly another appeal

read FERC's dismissal letter (plain text page) (PDF file)

This project proposes to take the water YEAR ROUND from the the South Fork Pit River for two power plants that would generate power for fewer than 2000 homes.

(But the power would NOT be used for local homes, and could even be sold out of state!)
The water would be taken through 3 miles of irrigation canal – through a 1000 square foot power plant – and back out again through another 1000 square foot power plant located on public land along the main road in the area. (more project details..)

(every letter is extremely important..)

Who opposes this project? Fishermen, sportsmen, nature lovers, artists, local residents of Modoc County, landowners, visitors and tourists, Native Americans, Republicans, Democrats, Independents... an extremely diverse group of individuals dedicated to preserving this river — everyday people who believe that public lands projects such as this need to be well planned and responsible, and benefit everybody. Who stands to gain?


Applicant Ignores Deadlines -- Dismissal Demanded
(2-07) Latest filed protest shows overwhelming grounds for dismissal (PDF file). After several extensions are granted, deadlines are still ignored.
(11-06) Project is appealed and application is changed to Licensed status rather than the previously applied-for Exempt status. Applicant is allowed to roll over much of his previous material but must now submit studies to FERC.
(10-06) Project dismissed by FERC but applicant files for appeal
Waiting for the Environmental Review, applicant missing materials and is granted extensions by FERC
The South Fork Pit is a 2005 nominee one of America's Most Endangered Rivers.
Who benefits? Find out who is behind this project
New! Small-size handout
Sample protest letter
Newspaper articles, editorials, and letters
Transcripts of the June 2005 local meetings
Anyone may comment — this project is on public land
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