Pele is worshiped today for her power and creations. Hawaiian spirituality is know for being Heart centered and grounding, good for those in their head too much. Polynesian dance was to honor and show respect for nature, spirits and the Sun that provided all. To allign with the plants and animals was important for what they provided and the protection needed. The Hula was a spiritual practice in ancient times performed for the spirits beyond the audience. Solar colors dominate for this reason red, yellow and orange. There are some Heiau temples that remain and many have been rebuilt and used again for ceramony and ancestorial respect.

I Dance, Sing and drum Hawaiian, Tahitian, Maori. I dance for the spirits behind the audience, for their entertainment as well. Practice the spiritual ways at the ancient Heiau or temples, where the attunements are more effective. These are the power points that Hawaiians and spiritual seekers go to for meditation and acclerated healing. I travel to these ancient Heiau and are wonderful for their energy and spiritual advancement.

Respect the local sites as many have signs to not enter or ceramonies held there. Often I sit outside these and do spiritual practices and the energy in centered in the area.


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